Bank Instruments and trading programs







Instruments can be used to enter a trading program provided they are not leased.

We are capable or working with: BG, CD, SBLC, LOC, CL.

We are not able to work with CMO’s or Bonds.









ROR will be provided upon presentation of the instrument and completed questionnaire.







ROR is standard for the industry based upon the value of the instrument.




Please provide a color scanned copy of front and back.




Turn times are very fast for the industry.



1. What is the Instrument/Asset?

2. Does the Signatory OWN the Instrument/Asset, or is it LEASED?

3. Can the Signatory provide proper proof of ownership?

4. Can the Signatory provide a complete copy of the Instrument/Asset

5. Does the Signatory have sole signatory authority over the Instrument/Asset?

6. Which Bank issued or houses the Instrument/Asset (with full address & phone #)?

7. What is the Instrument/Asset backed by (cash, gold, etc.)?

8. Will the issuing bank provide a Line of Credit against the instrument (speeds up the process)?



Basic questions to ask each and every client: Please keep for your records.
















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