Ten Million Dollar Clients












 Clients who are able to enter with a minimum of 10M have excellent protection.

 Client will keep funds in their sole signatory account.

 Client will maintain complete control over their funds at all times. 

  who move quickly, an opportunity exists at the trading bank. The trading bank is a top world bank with an excellent credit rating and reputation. Highest rate of return is available and will be provided to these clients. 

Acceptable Proof of Funds:1. An acceptable proof of funds is a recent online bank statement.


2. This online print out should have the URL line printed along the bottom of the page.

3. We need to see account numbers.

4. Last months bank statement showing activity is also acceptable.

5. Last 1-3 months is also acceptable, provided client also provides current balance.

6. Bank Tears, Bank Letters etc, are not acceptable.

7. Letters signed by two bank officers are also not acceptable.

Client must be able to PROVE cash is REAL and unencumbered. No Exceptions.


 ROR is highest available and will be provided upon presentation of acceptable POF.

One hundred percent transparency is provided upon acceptance into this opportunity.

Travel is usually not required, but an opportunity to meet the principle may be provided. Contract provides performance clauses that protect the client’s investment. Contract provides thirty day clause allowing for cancelation with no penalty.





For sophisticated clients 


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