Bank Instruments for trade



            The purchase of  instruments for trade is now available.       

          ADVANCE OF FUNDS is available on a case by case basis

          Portion of first traunch may be paid out to client upon  


          Industry Standard Rate of Return; Highest Available Yield

          Payouts every week 40 weeks per year

          Easy Submission Requirements: CIS, Passport, Copy of Instrument

            or POF

          Client will own the instrument for 5+ years until it matures

          Instrument will be verified by platform as authentic and acceptable

          Will be cash backed, verified and authenticated by the platform using


          Specific information available on a case by case basis

            Standard cost is 5% of Mature Face Value: 

            Lower cost options may be available at 2%
                Interested applicants Proof of funds verification will start the   
                Please note¨: To start the process an online screen print of account displaying funds, date and account holders name and or that of his or her company name emailed attached to us.

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