Purchase or refinance loans are available for existing Office buildings/complexes, mixed use and retail related properties



In today’s credit environment, it is difficult to obtain financing for a loan of about 50% LTV.


We have a lender in our association which will consider refinancing apartment complex (domestic US. ONLY) up to 80% LTV.


This lender is in the “buy and hold to lease” marketplace; therefore, should the private lender find it necessary to take the project back, they are in a position to manage it operationally.


This lender preferss projects in the Greater LA basin area, or Pacific Coast; however, the lender will consider refinancing apartment complexes in major Metropolitan areas in the U.S.







                $3M (USD)

Minimum – no maximum


I.                   FIXED RATES


a.          LTV UP TO 80% of value (based on INCOME METHOD)

b.          6.5% FIXED

c.           30 year amortization

d.          10 year balloon

e.          Debt service coverage ratio 125

f.            Any U.S. (ONLY) based apartment complex


II.               VARIABLE RATES


a.         Up to 80% LTV (based on INCOME METHOD)

b.        Current rate:  4.95%

c.         Index:  Fannie Mae paper quote plus 4%

d.        Maximum lifetime cap 7%

e.         Rate may adjust every 30 days


Existing Office buildings/complexes, mixed use properties, retail related properties could be considered for this product.




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