We accept corporate bonds, government bonds, stocks, and mutual funds of all types

Suppose someone said you could keep your bonds, mutual funds, or stocks in your own name, account and title, under your total control and within days – not weeks or months – you could have up to 85% of today’s portfolio value as a low-interest, interest-only loan, deposited directly into your checking account? Such a loan would let you fulfill repayment by surrendering your shares even if they were worthless, like Lehman Brothers or Enron, in default. With no negative credit.

And suppose, further, that all of the growth in your portfolio was yours as always. And you could pay it off any time you like, even the next day, without one dollar of penalty. And it was insured as with all brokerage accounts, by SIPC, and an option through S&P AAA-rated Options Clearing Corporation. Oh, and backing by a top-five American securities and banking behemoth, and a large U.S. equity fund.


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