Hard Money Commercial Bridge Loans

2 Week Closings –  Apply for a Hard Money Loan

    • Loan Size

From $1,000,000 – most loans fund between $1 and $10 million

    • Location

Urban and suburban US properties and International OK

    • Collateral

Improved commercial and Investment residential real estate ( raw land or construction/development projects OK)

    • Rates

From 9.99% – 18% plus 2 points

    • Terms

1-3 years, interest only, no prepayment penalty

    • Max LTV

70% LTV*
Purchase: Value is actual purchase price of the real estate* If borrower has down 10+% in cash, we’ll “stretch” the LTV max
Refinance: Value is Lenders opinion of the appraised value of real estate for refinances. We have our own review appraiser and principle travel to visit each property.

    • Creative/Flexible

Blanket loans; points and fees wrapped into the loan; multiple income sources considered.

    • Due Diligence

A deposit of about $5 – $10k is required before due diligence process is begun and is credited against the third party costs of underwriting: fair market value evaluation fee, inspections, site visit, legal costs, escrow, etc.

    • Down Payment

The fee is due upon signing of the Letter of Intent and Term Sheet and cannot be wrapped into closing costs. The Term Sheet will follow with in 5 days of LOI


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