Proof of funds leasing

Fresh Cut Instruments and Proof of Funds: Verifiable and Authentic

Instruments can be used for Real Estate Transactions, Credit Enhancement, International Trade, Private Investments, Loans, Business Acquisitions and much more.

Examples of Verifications:

1. Electronic Verification

2. Bank Accounts

3. Swift Mt760/ Mt799

4. Online 24/7 Verification

5. Bank to Bank Verification

6. Phone/Fax Verification

7. Attestation Letter

8. Bank Comfort Letter

9. History of Funds

10. Account Statement

11. Tear Sheet

12. Dual Private Banker Signatures

13. Blocked/Reserved Funds Letter

14. RWA letter Etc, Etc.

Minimum account is 1million for proof of funds, cash account: Price to lease 130k.

POF Provider is licensed, regulated entity in California.
Escrow Company for payment is Licensed, Regulated in Nevada 30yrs.


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