• Foreign and domestic equity markets refuse to stabilize. Corporate and government bond yields remain at historic lows Political and economic turmoil overshadows traditional strategies. And yet, you want your investment portfolio to show growth, stability, and safety.
• Senior Life Settlements are similar in nature to a zero coupon bond. Policies are purchased at a discount to their face value. These discounts fall into general brackets according to the life expectancy of the insured, but will vary slightly based on individual policy features.
• Formerly only available to large institutions opportunities for all levels of participation are available starting at $250,000. Investors down to $25,000 can participate through a qualified custodian account.
• Policies are issued by America’s oldest and most financially sound life insurance companies. You enjoy the same regulatory protection available to all life insurance policyholders. Even during the Great Depression, life insurance companies still paid off on their policies.
• Compare the potential yields from Senior Life Settlements to other types of investments. Senior Life Settlements are immune from fluctuations interest rates, and business cycles while still providing the opportunity for exceptional returns on investment.
• Typically high returns require accepting high risk to both principal and return. Not so with Senior Life Settlements. Because the key factor affecting yield is time, rather than economic conditions, predicted returns are realized without risk to investment capital. Since its inception of the Senior Life Settlement industry thousands of transactions associated with the purchase of life policies totaling in the hundreds of billions in face value.
• A variety of account types including 401(k) plans, Solo 401(k) plans, 403(b), profit sharing plans, 457 plans, defined benefit plans, personal custodial accounts, Traditional IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, SEP’s and SIMPLE plans available. A qualified custodian account can also provide conversion of your qualified retirement plans to a self directed 401(k) to allow disbursements without early withdraw fees or tax penalties.
􀂉 Formerly Only Available To Large Institutions – Now Available To Individuals.
􀂉 Great Track Record – Double Digit Per Year Returns For The Past 16 Years*
􀂉 No Volatility & No Market Risk – Not Tied To Any Stock, Bond, Mutual Fund, Interest Rates Or Even Acts Of Terror.
􀂉 Uncorrelated To Any Stock, Bond, Interest Rate Cycle, Economic Upheaval, Political Events, Oil Prices, Etc.
􀂉 Fixed Annual Return.
􀂉 Progressively Lower Management Fees For Each Successive Year Of Participation.
􀂉 12 Months Minimum Participation. Additional 12-Month Options Available.
􀂉 Each Member Dollar Is Backed By Five Dollars Of Assets. Total Member Liquidity Means Early Termination Are Allowed Without Penalty And Guarantee Members That Their Funds Are Always Immediately Available.
􀂉 Custodian Accounts available to Convert Your Current Qualified Retirement Plan To A Self Directed 401(K) To Allow Disbursements Into The Fund Without Early Withdraw Fees Or Tax Penalties.


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