Hard Copy Instruments SBLCs are now available for 80% Loan

This option is only open using these pre approved instruments and lender in combination.

  • Asset Management group acting as the Lender with several credit lines available for “Hard Copy Only” instrument delivery
  • Instrument issuing banks have been pre-approved by the Lender
  • Loans are to be paid back based on terms offered by Lender
  • Max instrument size is 50M
  • 80% LTV
  • Loan proceeds may be used for projects or for investment opportunities
  • Projects need to provide Executive Summary

  • Instruments are acquired via escrow procedure: Escrow has been in business over 20 years. No other option is available for payment.
  • Cost of instrument is 7 – 10% for the year depending on the issuing bank chosen
  • Fees are placed in escrow -> Escrow verifies the instrument once received -> Funds released from escrow and instrument is delivered to Lender/client

This offer is not being made to the open public.  This option is only for clients capable of funding the lease of their instrument by themselves.
Availability is limited,  time frame to take advantage of this huge opportunity is also limited.  Proof of Funds is Required to Start the Process.

Example:  $850k will obtain a leased instrument at 12.5M.   12.5M SBLC will be monetized to 80% LTV. Client will Net 10M.
10m Loan can be used for investments, trading, and project funding.

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