 3.0% DOWN as Initial Deposit with full payment due in 10 banking days
 Allows 10 banking days to pay for the instrument (most lenders require 48-72 hours)
 BG posted on Euroclear for easy verification
 Full access/blocking codes, ISIN etc. provided to client after initial deposit is paid.
 Corporate Undertaking to Return the Instrument in 1 year with option to renew for 5 years
 Transaction handled thru U.S. Escrow or Mt103/23 (ask for details)
 Top World Banks : Posted on Euroclear in about 5 business days
We are here to structure a safe transaction for both sides. Please realize that the 3.0% deposit is a
fraction of the instrument acquisition costs required for the year and they are even a smaller fraction
of the asset that is posted in your name. Due to countless non-performing clients the deposit is
required to be placed in Escrow under acceptable escrow instructions. If the guarantee isn’t posted
and you aren’t given the codes… your money is returned. Under contract, we need to perform
before the Title of those funds are transferred.
EXAMPLE: $750K DOWN = $30 M Bank Guarantee

Proof of funds required for at least 2.5% of bank instrument face value.


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