New York City area loans available

Our lender has an appetite for New York City area loan requests! Anything with a decent completed value will be considered. Opportunities, hard money, refinances, refurbishment, construction, expansions, and acquisitions are all fair game.
Below are other often overlooked market niches that are closing. Look to your existing clients or start a marketing program to generate business in these areas:

* Business loans are making a comeback

* purchase order or mobilization loans

* technology ventures from startups through mid-caps

* business acquisition and expansion loans

* opportunity loans with added value

* agriculture loans – commodities

* JV programs for those high LTV situations

* JV partners for short term commodity sales

* hard money loans INCLUDING LAND LOANS

* unusual situations, government or bank guaranteed loans .  What is needed for success?  On the whole, private lenders are looking for the same information and will conduct the same due diligence as the banks to make a positive funding decision. They are looking for great business ideas, at the right time, with a solid business plan, that includes contingency scenarios and realistic forecasts, backed by experienced professionals who have a financial stake in the business.

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