Raising cash creatively

More and more of our clients are now using their cash advances from their
credit cards to fund their grants. Credit cards are a very effective tool
for raising capital if used correctly.

As it stands now most of the top credit card issuers are offering 0%
interest for up to 18 months. This is an outstanding opportunity for those
who are cash poor and can’t contribute to their grant. Example, by getting
a $2,500 cash advance and applying it to a grant, they can leverage that
$2,500 into $250,000 over a 16 month period.

Basically the client would be using the same leverage techniques that
banks use for raising capital. Only they use the consumers money while
repaying a very small percentage of interest to their clients. Therefore
if you are in need of a grant but don’t have the cash, then take advantage of
your cash advance from your credit card or a line of credit.

Many businesses have been started through credit cards. Also real-estate
investors have used credit cards creatively to purchase property.
Even if your paying an interest rate of let’s say 12%,monthly payment
on a $2,500 cash advance would only be $113.52 for 24 months.

However, you the client client would earn $25,000 from the grant in 8
months. You the credit card client would have had to make 8 payments of $113.52
which totals $908.16. Then simply pay off the outstanding balance of $1,592, for a total profit
of $22,500. This is a win win.

As I am sure you know student loan debt is now at $1 trillion dollars and
is now the number 1 debt in the US..

Any type of legal business can receive a grant, even a home-based business or multi-level marketing business.


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