Interested in applying for a commercial loan in the secondary market?


Trucking business



Is your company in search of a funding solution and does it qualify for a retail bank loan due to not having positive and on going company cash flow, do not meet the three year operating history, lack company financials? Commercial lenders in the secondary market are interested in working with you if your company is in operation at this time :

Seeking Domestic US. and International Commercial loans of all types, commercial turnaround loans, Domestic Development/CONSTRUCTION, Water, Energy and “Green” Project Related, International Development and Hard Money loans for businesses with either GREAT OR BAD CREDIT, real estate purchases and infrastructure development of THIRD WORLD COUNTRY loans of any type, business growth or even some Hard Money bankruptcy loans, it doesn’t matter!
Domestic US. and International Development, Hard Money, Hotels, Resorts, construction, and Working Capital are available when your bank, almost ANYWHERE in the WORLD says NO!! If your business is viable and Not in the Venture Stage; meaning your company has spent company monies to date on the project and you have on hand liquid cash set aside to work through a commercial loan to cover site visit charges, underwriting and due diligence fees upfront and out of your pocket we can absolutely underwrite your Commercial domestic and International Development, Hard Money, Hotel , Resort, Condominium Complex, Apartment Complex, Business Expansion, and Working Capital loan approval for funding. Loans that range from $2.0 million to $600.0 million.


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