Private investment firm is interest in funding publicly traded companies



Publicly traded companies interested in a private investment arrangement. In addition to the company’s detailed executive summary, business plan the company’s trading symbol, the board and country where the stock trades as well as knowledge that the stock is trading 40K daily trading shares or better for the recent 30 days.

Please note the following details should you continue have a need for working capital and understand the requirement to be listed as a publicly traded company. 
For private and operating companies across the globe we have access to a company that will work with you to list your company on one or several stock exchange boards across the globe for example the US. OTC BB, the Aktietorget Stock Exchange in Sweden, the Cypress Stock Exchange, the Vienna Stock Exchange, the German Stock Exchanges – Frankfurt, Berlin, and Stuttgart , – the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada, the Dubai Stock Exchange, The Singapore Stock Exchange, and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Please note this option requires that your company have on hand liquid cash to cover the cost of becoming listed. As an example the GXG London good stock exchange to be listed on due to the low entry cost and high investor activity the listing cost is 40K USD’s for a listing in 30 to 45 days.  

From investment firm:

We would invest directly into the company after they are listed using our 
Special Private Placement Agreement structure, subject to price and volume limitations.

Investment firm is a private investment
group which invests into Public 
companies via private placement.

* We invest into exceptional companies looking
for $5million up to $200 million.

* Term Sheet in 3 days, Close within 2 weeks.

* No asset or EBIDTA requirements for fully
compliant Public companies.

*We do not accept application fees or legal doc fees.

*Public companies, we will NEVER SHORT your stock.

* Over 30 years in business as principals and
advisers, we are small cap and developing company
experts. We understand what you need and how we
can help.


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