Options trade opportunity

managed options trading





All You Need To Do Is Open A Managed Broker Account And Let The Trade

Manager Do The Rest!


 Minimum start up is $10,000 to $15,000 USD and Maximum is $1,000,000 USD

 Investment Historical Income: a minimum investment of $15,000 USD will

generate on average $7,500 monthly and up to $90,000 per year. A maximum

investment of $1M will generate on average $500,000 monthly and up to $6M per


 You can withdraw every month from your account!

 Although there is limit on how much you can start with ($1M) you can let your

account compound to earn more for as long as you wish!


Allow Us To Simply Prove To You And Allow You To Get Excited About How Our

Performance Is Working!


 You will need to setup an account with TD Ameritrade and the account will need to be setup for option trading.

 You will be guided through the process of getting set up and started.

 Once you are set-up, then all you do is relax and let your Trade Manager do all the


 Trade Manager to explain returns and compounding option in more details once

account is setup and we are fully engaged.

 You will be shown how to get a daily trade confirmation showing the daily profits and statement details!



Is This A Safe Investment?


 CLIENT CONTROLS ACCOUNT and Trade Manager use sophisticated techniques to prevent losses. Eventually, Trade Manager will be trading on earnings only.

 All funds stay in your account and nobody has access to withdrawals except you!


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