What benefits can a US. business owner realize from the advance planning strategies (APS) program?



Advance planning strategies presentationAdvance planning strategy




You can operate on a pre-tax (non-taxed) basis, you can put away large sums of money for your retirement, you can greatly increase the protection of your assets and you can gain a substantial advantage over your competitors.


THE ADVANCED PLANNING STRATEGIES PROGRAM is most likely a program you haven’t yet heard about. In 1998 a major tax law change (TAX REFORM ACT OF 1997) was legislated to help owners of privately held US. businesses succeed by providing unprecedented benefits. Through August of 2006, Congress and the IRS have modified the law to fit the parameters of its original intent. It is now available to businesses which qualify and, for the ones that do, the benefits to business owners can be very significant.


What are the parameters to be an eligible business?

A: The parameters are quite simple. If you have been in business for at least 3 years, reasonably expect to maintain your business for the next 5 years 3 and have a minimum of $100,000 of net annual earnings (before taxes), you are most likely a viable candidate.


A: Any business structure can take advantage of this program.

It doesn’t  matter if your current business is a C-Corporation, S-Corporation, Partnership, LLC, LLP, Professional Corporation or even a Sole Proprietorship … any type of business can qualify.


What steps do I need to take to find out if I’m eligilbe for the APS program? It is a very simple process.

The first step is to complete a very brief, one page questionnaire. This information will give THE APS PROGRAM specialist enough data to determine if your business qualifies for the program and will enable him to formulate some custom-designed and viable strategies to present at the initial appointment. Step two is to arrange for a no cost, no obligation 45 minute webinar or appointment, where the expert will go over the information on your questionnaire and present some strategies and planning techniques to greatly benefit you and your business At this point, if you decide to proceed, the next step is to schedule a subsequent meeting with your advisors present. From there, with your blessing, the comprehensive planning process will begin.


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