About DFS Worldwide, LLC.

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About DFS Worldwide, LLC.

DFS WORLDWIDE LLC., can arrange money for your cash
flow needs when your business needs it the most.

No business can operate successfully without proper
cash flow, and banks have long been the main financing
source for small and medium sized businesses

When your business is not eligible for Bank Financing,
where can you turn?

When your cash flow is not adequate to allow you to
take advantage of the opportunities your market is
trying to give you, what are your options?

DFS Worldwide LLc. offers several alternatives to
traditional Bank Financing.

Factoring Services for U.S. and International
Companies are available for all Industries including
Medical and Construction Companies

For companies doing business with other companies

Invoice factoring  is an excellent way for new or
rapidly growing companies to get much needed liquidity
from their Accounts Receivables.

Purchase order financing  can also provide funds
needed to produce a product once a customers order has
been received.

DFS WORLDWIDE LLC., has unique Accounts Receivable
Financing Streams, with Advance Rates up to 97%.
Same day Funding that offers a one of a kind Custom
Tailored Program set up to buy International Accounts

U.S. Seller to U.S. Buyer
U.S. Seller to Foreign Buyer
Foreign Seller to U.S. Buyer
Foreign Seller to Foreign Buyer

Factoring Benefits:

Immediate access to your working capital

Increase your sales and profitability

Preservation of your current creditor status

Fulfillment of your payroll and tax demands

Professional credit support

Here are just a few of our services and features that
we can provide for you

Invoice Processing – mail out your invoices to
customers, pay for the postage, post invoices to the
computer, deposit checks, enter payments and produce
regular reports.
All you need do is generate an invoice as you normally
would and we take care of the rest.

Credit Management Consulting:

Our extensive credit and accounts receivable
assistance is available at no charge and is often less
costly than maintaining your own in-house credit

We serve as your credit department, accounts
receivable department, and collection department.

Courteous Collection -We understand the relationship
you have with your customers, we do not use heavy
handed techniques to collect your invoices. We work
with your customers so they understand factoring and
how it helps you serve them better.

Back Office Support – We can help you reduce the
mailing, time and collections on your accounts

Plus features that Include:

Same Day Funding – We will buy your invoice and give
you an advance in the first 12 to 24 hours that you
supply us with invoices for goods and services that
have been shipped and accepted.

Processing – We will buy your invoices from a faxed
copy of the invoice.
Just send us the original invoices in the envelopes
provided so we can mail out the originals for you.
Also on-line processing is available.

No Long Term Contracts – You can give us thirty days
written notice to terminate our services any time.

No Start Up Fees – You are charged only for the
invoices we buy from your company.

Short Application Process- We have a short application
and we try to keep our application process down to
five days or less.

Payroll financing  is another excellent tool to help
manage your company’s cash flow by satisfying one of
the most urgent needs of many businesses – PAYROLL

Through strategic partnerships

We offer Special Trade Financing Programs for High
Volume Business-to-Business relationships. Our Seller
dominant program provides Sellers with distinct
advantages in the area of credit management,
collections, and Accounts receivables management.

Our Buyer dominant program generates safe yields on
payables accounts ten times what is attainable through
traditional aging of those accounts.


Positive cash flow management is the single most
important ingredient of business success, as many
failed businesses actually made a profit; they simply
ran out of operating cash.

If the growth is out pacing your cash flow

If you are a “start up” company with no track record

If you have Heavy Seasonal Demand

If you are in a “Turnaround” situation

If you are already too Debt Heavy

If you have been turned down by conventional lenders

We can show you how Accounts Receivables can provide
you with the needed cash flow to increase your sales
and profits without incurring any additional debt or
relinquishing any of your ownership.

It takes cash flow to succeed in today’s economy.

Without access to Financial Assistance your New
company is at a distinct disadvantage.

Don’t limit your business when DFS Worldwide LLC. has
the solution!

We can provide Cash Flow Funding Solutions against
your Accounts Receivables giving you immediate
infusion of cash and an ongoing source of Working
Capital to assist you in reaching your maximum
operational potential.

Not a Band Aid but a true Money Transfusion

Insiders and CEO’S of Large, Mid or Small Cap
Corporations with Restricted Stock Shares or Treasury

Borrowing against your Stock allows you to access
Capital in a Private Transaction without having to
sell your securities to market.

With a Stock Loan, you get liquidity from your asset

Retain contractual ownership while enjoying the Tax
Benefits that come from not having to sell your

Profit from appreciation of your Portfolio should the
stock price rise in value after the loan matures.

After principle and interest are paid. Enjoy the
freedom of walking away from your loan with no further

Should your stock share price decrease in value.

The flexible exit strategy permits you to either pay
off the loan and regain your securities, or walk away
from interest payments or repayment entirely and
forfeit only the collateralized securities… even if
the stock price has declined.

Minimum Market Capitalization of $ 250mm

Must trade options (can be set up)
LTV’s (Loan to Values) from 50% – 80%

Terms from 2 – 10 years

Fixed Interest Rates well below Prime

Interest payments made quarterly

Principal due at the term of the loan

Non-Recourse Loan

No Margin call

Funding within five(5) business days

Does Your Business Operations  REQUIRE the ever
present need for money?

A Contsruction Company in need of Leasing for New
heavy Cranes or Earth Moving Equipment , a Medical
Facility in need of Leasing for New Medical Equipment,
or simply you are in need of a Hard Money Loan against
your Land, Properties or other Valuables that the
Banks have said no to.
An Individual or Entity seeking Aircraft, or Boat note
Loans, or you are in the middle of a Lawsuit that
looks very promising and a Bank Account that looks
very bad.
DFS Worldwide LLC. is here when you need us!

Most people are only aware of the conventional means
of funding such as getting a loan from the Bank.

However, as you may know, due to tighter regulations
on Banks and S&L’s, many borrowers are being turned

DFS WORLDWIDE LLC., can help you obtain Funding for
Securities, Stocks, Bonds,  Institutions such as Life
Insurance companies, Pension funds,  Annuities,  Real
Estate, Investment Trusts, Inheritances,  Law Suits,
Or Large Fortune 500 credit card companies.

DFS Worldwide LLC., has a global presence. We can
provide  Lending Sources from Private Lending
Institutions and Capital Funding Corporations
Worldwide that have plenty of Cash at very competitive

We also have focused and deliberately varied set of
services that are delivered quickly and efficiently by
a team of highly skilled professionals.

We know what is best for the customer is also what’s
best for us and we will never compromise our

Our services are discrete and exclusive and your
confidentiality is guaranteed.

We take pride in our work and  Specialize in helping
businesses with their cash flow needs by providing
Funding Solutions.

Our mission statement is to work with all types of
Businesses and Individuals providing our clients
access to Funding Streams and Innovative Financial
Tools that are Taylored to meet all of your various
Cash Flow needs.

We welcome you to explore how DFS Worldwide LLC. can
better serve and work together with you, for all your
Business and Individual Financing needs.



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